Book club: a support group for transplants

I’ve found humans desperately seek relationships. School – kindergarten, high school and college – sets us up for failure, really. You befriend those sitting beside you and commiserate with those in similar situations. It’s easy, comfortable. In the real world, networking (personally or professionally) is an art. It’s intentional, time consuming and challenging. Similar to most things in life, you get what you put in.

As an adult in a new ‘hood making friends is imperative. Fortunately, Charlotte is a city of people from other places. Here, “where are you from?” is par for the course.

As fate would have it, a lovely gal, who I met at the Darius show in big D, moved to Charlotte within a month of my move last spring. She’s since organized a book club, and with five girls and three states represented, we’ve found a common thread in top-rated books and wine.

Medium rare, please.

And steak. For Charlotte’s Queen’s Feast we made our way to BLT steak at the Ritz. Fancy.

We do read a book before each meeting, but it’s only on the docket for a few minutes. For what it’s worth, I do not recommend reading ‘The Husband's Secret’ the month of your wedding.


The house smells of garlic.

Resolutions, twenty14.