Dress for the occasion and stick to your budget.

Like most of the female population, I dream of Lucchese kicks, Tory Burch bags and a wardrobe fitting of Kate, Kacey and Khloe. For a spring wedding in Texas Hill Country, my online window shopping kept arriving at the same conclusion: the dresses I covet are out of my league. The struggle is real, y'all.

Austin_Travis_Brooke_Haney What's this dress, you ask? Just a Vince Camuto I picked up from Marshalls. What's he wearing? Not a clue. Fortunately, I'm not his keeper.

Unfortunately, the dress didn't make it through the night unscathed. While attempting to set a photobooth record, the dress suffered minor injuries. RIP, lovely Marshalls find.


Traveling tip: pack for the forecast, otherwise you may wear a denim shirt to a wedding. Life tip: surround yourself with beautiful friends.

Over&Out. B.




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